Reskilling India & Social Entrepreneurship

We provide Institutional Training, to bridge the gap between Education and Execution by bringing employable skills in the Classrooms

With technology covering most of the industries today under its huge umbrella, it has become mandatory for students and professionals to be skilled in the trending technology. Although institutions today are providing quality education, students need to excel in the relevant software’s as well to work as productive employees in an industry.

To enhance their skills we provide the service of training the Transportation / Infrastructure / Real Estate specialization students for the software’s listed below –

  • EMME(Analysis Software)
  • Vissim (Simulation Software)
  • Arc-GIS
  • Matlab
  • SPSS
  • Google Earth Pro
  • BIM

What Construction Industry Needs?
Apart from the engineering skills, industries today look for young engineers who possess – in the area of Contract Administration & Quantity Surveying:

  • Ready for Deployment, and be productive from Day One.
  • Strong Engineering Fundamentals to deal with Tenders & Projects Post award.
  • Project/ Program Development Skills, Business Etiquette.
  • CAD software skills, Communication Skills/ Soft Skills.
  • Willingness to master new technologies.

It is often seen that engineering fresher for the initial 5 years do not meet all these requirements to get immediately hired across the industries. They still need to have certain Re-skilling through these training to work in the market with confidence. Owing to this gap in the industry execution standards and education structure, we are offering industry oriented programs.