Data Management for complete Feasibility Report Preparation –

  1. Private survey of the building to ascertain current land holding, Measuring actual carpet area of typical flats and estimating the total carpet area consumed in the building.
  2. DP Remarks sheet.
  3. Gut Book.
  4. Copy of Approved Building Plans from MBMC etc.
  5. Coordinating for making application to Government Survey office for surveying for preparing Measurement plan.


Feasibility Study
Preparation of financial and technical feasibility report by studying existing building plans, consumed FSI, carpet area of existing members & available TDR/ additional FSI benefits so that maximum benefits the members can demand from the Developer through a bid process.

Developer’s Selection through Tender

To prepare Tender Documents based on feedback/view points of the Members/Managing committee for selection of developer/Builder & to assist and/or advise Society for floating of Tenders by the Society.

To finalize Tender Documents after meeting with Society Members and submit to the Society.

To assist the Society to Scrutinize the received Tender Offer Documents from Prospective Developers/Builders for Pre-Qualification and to Compile & Prepare Comparative Statement & advise the Society in processing and finalizing the list of Developers/Builders for Re-Development of the Society.

To assist the Society in Negotiations with the Developers/Builders & Selecting the Developer/ Builder for Re-Development of the Society. To assist the Society in Preparation of Re-Development Agreement with Selected Developer/ Builder and finalization & co-ordination for registration of the same.


Govt. Survey

  1. Preparing Measurement plan as per Govt. Survey etc. complete.
  2. To get the road setback areas and other reserved areas transferred in the name of local bodies, as per local laws. And get FSI in lieu of the same.
  3. To deal with Transfer of Development Rights matters.

Deemed Conveyance

This will involve the following Stages –

Stage 1- Documentation for Deemed Conveyance
During this stage the Documents Required for Deemed Conveyance will be collected / organized & the Case is prepared. Advocates Title cum Investigation Report for Last 30 years for Land of your Society will be prepared along with other records like Property Card, City Survey Plan, 7/12 Extract, Village Form No. 6, etc.


Stage 2- Legal Case for Deemed Conveyance
To prepare and File the Deemed Conveyance application along with all the appropriate annexure. During this stage the case is filed before the Competent Authority, along with that Public Notice will also be prepared. After contesting the application, the Order & Certificate upholding the right of Deemed Conveyance of the Society will be obtained.


Stage 3- Registration of Deemed Conveyance
During this stage the Deemed Conveyance Deed is Adjudicated, properly Stamped & Registered. If any stamp duty is pending then the same has to be paid along with registration fees of the deemed conveyance by the individual member.


Stage 4- Transfer of Property after Deemed Conveyance
During this stage the Society Name is incorporated in the Land Revenue Records. Post Deemed conveyance CERTIFICATE Preparing the Draft Conveyance Deed and also getting it finalised from the Sub- Registrar of Assurances , Mumbai and Registering the Conveyance. On completion of the Registration of the Deemed Conveyance Deed & receipt of the Index II, the photocopies of the same will be submitted along with relevant Applications to various Government Departments like City Survey Office, Tahasildar/ Talathi Office, District Collector Office & Municipal Corporation Office for change of Mutation entries in the Land Revenue.

Records & Property Tax Bills. On receipt of these Applications the Government departments effect the change of Mutation entries in the Land Revenue Records.

On completion of the change of Mutation entries, the Land & Structures will be transferred in favor of the Society.